Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Backblaze

After a year of Carbonite, I am moving on, I decided to try another online backup service.  I have nothing bad to say about Carbonite, I tried it for a year on the recommendation of Leo Laporte and it worked quite well.  And while I had always planned on switching service after  a year (so I could experience and compare other products) there was one issue I had with Carbonite.  For some odd reason, when Carbonite was enabled, accessing 'My Computer' became very slow.  For example, if I would double click 'My Computer' the window would remain blank for up to 10 seconds before appearing, no My Docs, no drives, etc, just blank.  Then the after the wait, my drives and My Docs folder would appear.  Now if I disabled Carbonite, this problem would immediately disappear.  I researched the problem a little but didn't find much.  I pretty much just let it go since I knew I would be switching anyways.

As for Backblaze, so far so good.  The install was very simple and the setup was very thorough.  Not only did Backblaze scan my C drive and the usual places: My docs, Desktop, etc.  It also scanned my two other internal drives and was happy to backup everything, all 138 gigabytes.  Not bad for $50 per year.

I am going to try and keep a running log of how things go.  I'm not sure how I found Backblaze but the company seems promising and the hardware they created in their data center is really impressive.

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