Saturday, December 24, 2011

Antec NEO ECO Power Supply

Just had a bad experience with an Antec power supply....

I purchased the Antec NEO ECO 520C power supply as a spare to have on hand for my clients. Well, last night I installed the PSU and when I turned the PC on I was greeted to the loudest PSU fan I have ever heard. It was noisy and 'clicky' at the same time. I was very disappointed since I had just spent 20 minutes of my clients time installing it and managing the cables.

After removing the PSU and inspecting it, I found that inside the PSU, the mesh sheathing that goes over the wires were frayed and the excess mesh was scraping against the PSU fan and causing the noise.

From here I had the unplug everything, open the PSU itself (voiding the warranty) and physically trim the frayed mesh with scissors. This solved the problem but it wasted an hour of my time and my clients time.

It is very disappointing to spend the extra money on a quality name brand and run into a problem like this. This should not occur on a $60 PSU. Furthermore, I have just comeback to Antec after a bad experience with Corsair, now I don't know what brand to trust.

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