Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thoughts on My New Galaxy Nexus

I bought the phone 1 week ago today, here were my thoughts two days into the phone

  1. Volume - appears to be very low for certain apps and when it is louder, it sounds crappy
  2. Blinking LED for Email is missing/different. Trying to figure out if I have an email waiting, well, sometimes the phone blinks white, sometimes it does not. Makes me miss my OG Droid.
  3. The plastic backing is annoying me.
  4. Phone is really light and just doesn't feel like a $300 phone.
  5. Battery life is horrible, a lot of people said it was the 4G, but according to my phone, the main culprit is the screen at 46%
  6. Cell phone reception is awful.
  7. Data reception is worse than my two year old droid.

  • Yesterday I had two calls with horrible call quality. One person had to call me back because she said it sounded horrible and "digital". The other call dropped all together. Both calls occurred in areas where I have never had issues before on my previous phone (An Original Droid from 2009).
  • l made a call this morning from my home, next to a window, and had poor call quality. Again, I have never had reception issues in this spot before. Later, a friend reported to me that my phone was busy when he called. He said, "I don't think Ive ever heard a busy signal on a cell phone before". At this point, I am having serious buyers remorse.
  • The bad call quality is a deal breaker for me. This is primarily a business phone and call quality and reliability has to be rock solid (which it was with my moto droid).
  • Ultimately, ICS is really nice and getting updates directly from Google is great. But this phone is just not that great, Like I said before, it just doesnt feel like a $300 phone and I will likely return it later this week.

As the week has gone on, I have started to love this phone more and more. I miss the little green light that alerted me to new mail in Gmail, and the speaker on this phone is below par. But other than that, I really like Ice Cream Sandwich. The camera is great, the video is great, the transcription, Gmail, Calendar, just about everything has been improved.

The antenna in this phone is not as good/powerful as the one in my original Droid. But that said, the reception issues seem to have been resolved. There was an outage Wed morning and things seemed to be better after that. From what I have read, the 4G network is still a work in progress and things will likely continue to improve.

As for now, I am keeping my phone. More updates to come.

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