Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goodbye Nexus, Hello Razr

My relationship with my Galaxy Nexus has officially ended.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to make phone calls in my home and elsewhere.  And most calls sounded something like this, "Hello, Hello, Ryan, I can't hear you".  So I was done.  I knew that I would desperately miss Ice Cream Sandwich, but despite that, I walked back into Costco and exchanged the Nexus for a Razr.

So here are my initial thoughts on the Razr:
Motorola Razr

What I like:
  • First off, it was $60 cheaper and I am going to be mailed a whole bunch of goodies like a docking station, an HDMI Cable and portable charger.
  • It is thin, light and feels nice in my hand.
  • Phone reception is great.  I have been making test calls from the "problem" areas of my house and it has been solid thus far.
  • Includes Swype.  I haven't used Sywpe in a while but I used to like using it on my Droid.  I like how the Microphone button is there in case you want to do voice to text.
  • Battery life, don't know yet, I need to charge the phone a few times to know for sure.
  • The 4G speeds are good and I haven't had signal problems or dropouts.
  • Gorilla glass, it is soooo smooth, I really like it.

What I dont like:
  • Crapware.  Wow, Verizon/Motorola, you have really out done your self here.  I have never seen so many unwanted applications on a device before.  It reminded me of PC's from 10 years ago, where the manufacturere cut deals with all these crappy software companies and pre-installed their software on the computer.  Only with this phone, you CAN'T uninstall them.  Now I know why people Root their phones.
  • The resolution is definitely not as good.  I guess I knew that based on the specs, but it is more noticeable than I thought.
  • Kevlar back, probably a gimmick.  I dont know how much its going to protect anything, but it does look cool.
  • Power button.  It is so flimsy, I feel like its going break off in a month.  It's bizarre to me, the rest of the phone seems really well made, and then this power buton is a complete piece of junk that wobbles side to side, its really dissapointing.
I will be sure to add more thoughts and opinions on this phone as the week goes on.  Please follow me on Twitter at @pettabytes

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