Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google Drive File Syncing Fail

I just came across a major problem with Google Drive.

I have a Google Drive folder, it is syncing, there's no problem.  I swap hard drives, clean install Windows and restore my user data, including the Google Drive folder and its contents from another drive.  I then re-install Google Drive and it tells me that I cannot install the application because the folder is not empty.  So a little more research leads me to the explanation that Google drive cannot sync with the existing folders and files, instead it has to start all over again and re-download and re-upload all of the files.  What??

Talk about not being as refined as Dropbox.  I think I will be going back to Dropbox and turning on the newly implemented 2FA.!topic/drive/Yjmkd4nbhw4/discussion%5B1-25%5D!topic/drive/DZv-amRyR0Y

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